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Public Records

Under Florida law, most papers and records, including electronic data, are public, subject to specified legislative restrictions. A record retention schedule will be used to determine how long records will be kept and how they will be discarded.

Stats Of Use

The website automatically collects information from every visitor to provide use statistics that help us improve the site. No “personal identifiers” are revealed (name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.). Any request to visit a page on our website generates a log file containing anonymous user data.

A few examples of this sort of data are your Internet browser or computer operating system, the date and time you viewed this site, your IP (or proxy server) address, and any other sites you may have connected from. Strictly for statistical purposes, all server log data is gathered in aggregate.

Online Forms & Email

This website does not gather personally-identifying information (name, address, phone number, etc.) unless you willingly supply it. Some of the interactive elements of this website may ask for such information (including periodically forwarding information that matches your selected interests). You can choose not to supply needed information. No-shows can still browse the internet but may not post in specific online communities.

Permission is granted to share personal information with other agencies for the reasons specified on the web page. In addition, the information supplied via this website may be disclosed in response to a records request. If you provide personal information freely, you authorize The Florida Lottery Results to contact you personally.

Cookies On The Web

Temporary cookies are used to complete transactions, handle online data, and allow continued Internet activity. We may be required to disclose information gathered on our websites, including cookies.

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