Florida Jackpot Triple Play

An exciting new draw game Jackpot Triple Play by Florida Lottery. Do you know about LUCKEY MONEY? Yes, JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY is the replacement of LUCKEY MONEY. As obvious from the name you get a triple chance to win the jackpot because you get three sets of numbers for $1. Get an extra chance to win by adding Combo by combining matches on your ticket.

Florida Jackpot Triple Play top prizes start at $250,000 and go up to $2 million if there isn’t a jackpot winner. When it reaches $2 million, still no jackpot winner is there, the excess money in the jackpot prize pool rolls down and increases the payouts on all of the lower prize levels each drawing until the jackpot is won.

Winning Numbers

Jackpot Triple Play Result January 21, 2022 29182615143
Jackpot Triple Play Result January 18, 20225131873640

How to Play & Win Florida jackpot Triple Play?

Are you ready? First, go to pick your play slip for Florida jackpot Triple Play from any Florida Lottery Retail location. A play slip has 5 panels A-E. To play!

  • First select or Quick Pick the first six numbers from 1 out of 46 and the second and third set of numbers will select automatically.
  • Each set of numbers printed on its own line and played separately.
  • Meanwhile, select the Combo box ($1 more per play) and get an extra chance to win up to $10,000 by combining winning number matches from all three sets of numbers.
  • JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY with Combo tickets could not cancelled.
  • Now, select the number of draws you wish to play or
  • Simply tell the retailer how many advance draws you wish to play.
  • Submit your filled slip to retailer.
  • Finally, you will provide a ticket with your numbers, drawing date(s), and total cost of the ticket printed over it.
  • Check the official drawing results to see if you are a winner! 
  • Along with this, keep checking the official drawing results to see the results.

How to Claim?

If you are winner of Florida Jackpot triple Play, go and claim your prize at a Florida Lottery retailer or Florida Lottery office on or before the 180th day after the winning draw.

  • Florida Lottery retailer can pay in-person if prize is less than $600.
  • Whereas prizes equal or more than $600 claim by secured drop-off inside any Florida Lottery district office.
  • On the other hand, you can claim your prize via mailing your play ticket to Florida lottery office.
  • Consequently, winners of $600 and more must fill the winner claim form along with required documentation of your identity.

Watch the Drawings

  • Drawings held on every Tuesday and Friday nights at 11:40 p.m.
  • So, collect your tickets until 10:40 p.m. on the night of the drawing.
  • Tickets purchased after that time will not take into consideration for this draw. These will consider for the next drawing.
  • After that, you can check drawing results on Florida Lottery’s website flalottery.com, at Florida Lottery retailers and by calling at (850) 921-PLAY (7529).
  • If you are playing this game and want to get results then keep in touch with Florida Lottery.

Frequently Asked Questions about JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY

There are so many FAQs and you must be aware of their answers before going to play. Some of FAQs are here:

  • How much do its ticket cost?
  • What is the largest prize?
  • How do we play?
  • How do we play combo? And many more!

If you have any difficulty regarding JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY, then no worries! Through reading this article you will clear about all the FAQs.

Enjoy your playing and win exciting prizes.