Florida Fantasy 5 Lottery Result Wednesday April 27, 2022

It is an online game presented by Florida Lottery. By playing this, you can win $ 200,000. It is played daily.

Winning Numbers

12, 33, 1, 13, 34

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HOW TO PLAY and How to win?

Florida Fantasy 5 is a daily draw online game, cost $1 per play. Are you interests in playing this game? If yes then, read the instructions carefully:

  • You can get play slip of FANTASY 5 at an authorized Florida Lottery retailer.
  • Play slip have five panels from A-J. Each panel is with 1-36 numbers.
  • You can select five numbers from one through 36.
  • You can use Quick Pick box to select any or all your numbers randomly.
  • If you want to play the same numbers for more than one draw then, inform the retailer about the number of advance- draws you would like to play.
  • On play slip there is advance play section, you can also mark your number of draws here.
  • You can win a free Quick Pick ticket by matching 2-of-5 winning numbers.
  • You can win cash prizes by matching 3 to 5 winning numbers.
  • The top prize is approximately $200,000 (if won by a single winner). You can win by matching 5-of-5 winning numbers.
  • If there is no top prize winner, the prize money is shared equally among winners in the 4 of 5 prize level, with a maximum prize of $555 per winner.
  • If funds exceed from 4 of 5, they are shared equally among the winners in the 3-of-5 prize level.
  • The overall odds of winning FANTASY 5 are 1 in 7.58.
  • EZmatch is an additional feature that gives you the opportunity to win cash prizes instantly, for an additional $1.

How to Claim?

  • Prizes less than $600 can be paid in-person instantly by Florida lottery retailers.
  • Prizes equal or more than $600 can be claimed by secured drop-off inside any Florida Lottery district office.
  • You can claim your prize via mailing your play ticket to Florida lottery office.
  • Winners of $600 and more must fill the winner claim form along with required documentation where your identity is proved.

Watch the Drawings

Florida FANTASY 5 drawings are held every night at 11:15 p.m. ET. You win, if two or more of your numbers match the winning numbers that are drawn. If you are playing this game and want to get results then keep in touch with Florida Lottery.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs about Fantasy 5 Florida lottery are listed below for your better understanding.

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  • How to play Fantasy 5?
  • What is the cost of its ticket?
  • From where we can get its ticket?
  • How much I can win?
  • When are the drawings held?
  • What if no top prize?
  • What is ezmatch?

If you have any quires regarding Fantasy 5, then no worries! Read this as all the questions are answered and explained well in this article.

Play and get exciting prizes.

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