Florida Cash4Life Lottery Result Friday April 01, 2022

It is a regional, multi-state online game. By playing this game, you can win two lifetime prizes at the cost of $2 only. Win the $1,000, a Day for Life top prize by matching all five white balls and the Cash Ball. Match just the five white balls and win $1,000 a Week for Life!


3, 28, 58, 56, 55 Cashball 1

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Are you interests in playing this game? If yes then, read the instructions carefully:

  • From Florida Lottery retail location, you can get play slip.
  • Mark your selections on a CASH4LIFE play slip or tell the retailer the numbers you wish to play.
  • On the play slip, select five numbers from 1 to 60 in the upper play area and one Cash Ball number from 1 to 4 in the lower play area.
  • You may Quick Pick some or all of your numbers by marking the QP box in the upper and/or the lower play areas of the play slip.
  • Make your selections carefully, because cash4life tickets cannot be cancelled.
  • All states have different play slips.
  • During the CASH4LIFE drawing, five white balls (numbered 1 through 60) and one green Cash Ball (numbered 1 through 4) are randomly selected.
  • Players win the top prize of $1,000 a Day for Life by matching, in any order, the five numbers drawn from the first set of balls and the Cash Ball drawn from the second set. The second prize of $1,000 a Week for Life is won by matching, in any order, the five numbers drawn from the first set of balls.
  • Players can win other great CASH4LIFE prizes, ranging from a free ticket to $2,500, by matching some, but not all, of the winning numbers drawn.


  • Prizes less than $600 can be paid in-person instantly by Florida lottery retailers.
  • Prizes equal or more than $600 can be claimed by secured drop-off inside any Florida Lottery district office.
  • You can claim your prize via mailing your play ticket to Florida lottery office.
  • Winners of $600 and more must fill the winner claim form along with required documentation where your identity is proved.

If you are winner then claim for your prize within 180 days of a draw. If not done, then this unclaimed amount is equally divided into the lottery members as their sales incentive. In Florida, 80 percent of unclaimed prizes are transferred to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund to benefit education in the state.


Daily drawings are held at 9:00 p.m., Eastern Time. Tickets may be purchased until 8:30 p.m., Eastern Time, each night. After that time tickets will be considered for the next drawing.

If you are playing this game and want to get results then keep in touch with Florida Lottery.


CASH4LIFE The FAQs about CASH4LIFE Florida lottery are listed below for your better understanding.

  • What is CASH4LIFE?
  • How to play CASH4LIFE?
  • Which states are offering play slip for CASH4LIFE?
  • What is the cost of its ticket?
  • From where we can get its ticket?
  • Can we purchase advance ticket, why?
  • How much I can win?
  • When are the drawings held?
  • What if no top prize?
  • What if the winner dies? And more.

If you have any quires regarding Cash4life, then no worries! Read this as all the questions are answered and explained well in this article.

Play and get exciting prizes.

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