Florida Fantasy 5

Florida Fantasy 5 is an online game presented by Florida Lottery. By playing this, you can win $ 200,000. It is played daily.

Winning Numbers

Hello everyone! The winning numbers of Fantasy 5 are:

Fantasy 5
Oct 25, 2022
Fantasy 5
Oct 23, 2022

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How to play and win Florida Fantasy 5?

Have you ever thought that you could win a prize of up to 200,000? With FANTASY 5® you can make this possible. And its reward levels are at the top of the list, such as 4 out of 5 and 3 out of 5. In FANTASY 5 you can win a lot of prizes and you can also win free tickets by combining the two numbers. And on matching the two numbers you can also win free tickets. The ticket price is only $1.

Get a FANTASY 5 PlaySlip to play with a Florida Lottery retailer. Each panel has ten panels (A-J) to play:

  • Choose any number from 1 to 36 so that the computer can easily pick your random numbers.
  • If you want to win cash instantly from $1 per play then you have to choose EZmatch. And further you have to mark the EZmatch box on the top left of the play slip. With EZmatch its tickets are not canceled.
  • To play the same number in the lottery you will tell the retailer how many draws you want to play. And you can also select the number of your draw in the Advance section of your PlaySlip.
  • If you want to pay your play slip you will pay the retailer. The retailer will give you a ticket in which your date is also selected. For the EZmatch panel you will get another ticket with FANTASY 5 numbers. Check your ticket before leaving the store.
  • Check out the official results to see if you are the winner. Contact the Florida Lottery Retailer to see the draw results. Or call (850) 921-PLAY (7529). You can also watch it online.
  • Drawings are held seven times a week at 11:15. Tickets can be purchased until 10:40 p.m. If you can’t buy tickets by this time, you will buy one for the next draw.


The Florida Lottery conducts its drawings in which 5 out of 36 numbers are selected. If you win out of these five numbers in the dates played, you will win the top prize of FANTASY 5. You will match two, three and four to win other cash prizes.

This is a Mutual Mutual game and it depends on the number of prize winners. Cash prizes are awarded at FANTASY 5. If it is not included in the list then the amount in the prize pool decreases. Extra funds run out in the prize pool. Tickets are redeemed with 2 out of 5 winning numbers.

You can claim up to 99 599 from any Florida Lottery retailer. Prizes ranging from $ 600 to $ 250,000 are claimed at the Florida Lottery District Office. The prize is claimed at the Florida Lottery headquarters.

Watch the Drawings of Florida Fantasy 5

Florida FANTASY 5 drawings are held every night at 11:15 p.m. ET. You win, if two or more of your numbers match the winning numbers that are drawn. If you are playing this game and want to get results then keep in touch with Florida Lottery.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs about Fantasy 5 Florida lottery are listed below for your better understanding.

  • In this you have to select 5 numbers from any of the 1 to 36 and then mark the Quick Pick box. To play multiple lotteries, tell your retailer how many draws you want to play. And in the Advance section of PlaySlip you have to select the number of your draw.
  • The FANTASY 5 is priced at $ 1.
  • His draw at the Florida Lottery takes place daily at 11:15 p.m. If your one or two numbers match the winning numbers. So you win easily.
  • The prize money depends on the sales and the winner. If you get two out of five, you can easily win a big prize. Combine five out of 3 numbers to win a cash prize. The reward for combining 5 out of 5 numbers is $200,000.